Haus der Bayerischen Landwirtschaft Herrsching

Conference Centre

Quality management

To maintain our high quality standard, we obtain regular audits from independent institutes and are proud to have been issued with the following certificates:


  • SQ Deutschland (Service Quality Germany))
  • Bio certificate in accordance with EU-Eco-regulation No 834/2007
  • HACCP / Hygiene certificate, including regular audit by SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH
  • LQW attestation for learning-focused quality in further education

We are also a member of the Association of Educational Centres in the Rural Regions of Bavaria (Bildungszentren Ländlicher Raum in Bayern e.V.) and  Federal Association of Educational Centres in the Rural Regions (bundesdeutscher Verband der Bildungszentren im Ländlichen Raum).


We are passionate about improving the processes and product quality of our establishment. We therefore would like to hear your ideas and Feedback!



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