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Agrarhistorische Bibliothek
Alte historische Buchrücken und im Hintergrund Regale mit alten Büchern

The Agricultural Historical Library

Evidence of a vanished rural world

Step back in time and discover forgotten knowledge about flora and fauna.

The collection of the Agricultural History Library in the House of Bavarian Agriculture provides fascinating insights.

Some 20,000 volumes of specialist literature on agriculture, home economics and forestry, as well as science, technology, legislation and administration, provide an insight into the fascinating world of thought and feeling of days gone by. The chronological focus is on the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Works and knowledge

The extensive library is housed on the top floor of the House of Bavarian Agriculture in Herrsching.
Lectures on agricultural history are held in the foyer at regular intervals. Their aim is to make the treasure trove of books accessible to the general public and to arouse interest in the past.